About EnduroShield®


About EnduroShield®

EnduroShield® is still relatively new to the UK, but is already established as market leader in countries across the world including Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Spain. EnduroShield® is a range of protective coatings for glass, tiles and grout, ceramics, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. It employs state of the art nanotechnology to create a permanent shield that seals the porosity of the treated surface. This allows contaminants to reside on the easy to clean protective coating, which means you only need a damp microfibre cloth to keep kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces hygienically clean.

The invisible coating is only two molecules deep, yet it protects against staining and etching, thereby maintaining the look and integrity of the treated surface. It forms a chemical bond with the substrate, making it unlike a varnish or waxy type coating which may eventually bubble and peel off.

EnduroShield® has benefits for the environment too, because it reduces the duration of cleaning by up to 90% – thereby saving water as well as avoiding the use of harsh chemical cleaning products. Those same benefits help your pocket too!

Cleaning internal surfaces becomes much simpler and quicker – a regular wipe with a microfibre cloth is usually all that’s needed, together with the occasional wash and rinse using only a mild detergent to keep surfaces looking spotless.

Externally, the rain will do a lot of the cleaning for you which is an important consideration for those hard to reach areas such as solar panels and conservatory roofs.

Award winning EnduroShield® for Auto Glass rain repellent improves vision, making driving safer. Rain and spray readily beads off the glass, even without the aid of wipers when travelling over 50 mph! Studies conducted by the University of Michigan have shown that good quality rain repellents make a very significant difference to driver awareness and reaction time during wet weather. Ability to observe hazards and obstacles was improved by 34%, and reaction time by 1 second, which is roughly equivalent to 4 car lengths on a motorway.

Due to the abrasion of windscreen wipers, a windscreen coating of EnduroShield® will need to be re-applied, normally after around a year or 12,000 miles depending on driving conditions. How long it lasts will depend a lot on your use of wipers: in my own case, I got 16 months and 16,000 miles out of one coating, and one customer managed 30,000 miles in 8 months! Even at the worst case scenario, that is fantastic value and represents a cost of less than 0.2p per mile!