About Us


About Us

Hang On…What About You?

Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you: about how you hate scrubbing surfaces and using harsh chemical cleaners that damage the environment.  About how you don’t like driving in the rain very much, particularly at night, and how you hate scraping ice and dead bugs off your windscreen.  Oh, and about how you hate the build up of algae and dirt on your conservatory roof.  If that sounds anything like you, please read on and we’ll tell you how we can help you.

About Us

Enduring Solutions is operated by me, Phil Buckley.  I have over 30 years experience of working in the personal care industry, specifically soaps.  I therefore have a lot of deep knowledge and interest in products that clean.  This led me to set up my own business providing products which make cleaning easier.  The EnduroShield® family of nano-coatings do exactly that: testing has shown this to be up to 90% less in terms of time and use of cleaning chemicals.  Now from my background I know the type of chemicals which go into many cleaning products, and to be honest, a lot of them are not very environmentally friendly. So products that remove the need to use them, as well as making cleaning a much less frequent task have to be good, right?

One of my main interests is cooking, and EnduroShield® for glass and stainless steel make cleaning up after I’ve cooked a much simpler task. My oven doors are treated, making them behave just like a non-stick pan. Cooking meals that create a mess no longer leaves me dreading cleaning up afterwards.  Cleaning the door is now a breeze – a quick wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and it looks like new. What better after a session in the kitchen than a nice hot shower – and with the screen coated in EnduroShield® I don’t have to worry about it needing scrubbing either!

One of my other interests is driving, but I guess like most of us I am not so keen when the weather is bad. It seems driving in the rain these days is more frequent than ever, and especially on motorways that has a detrimental effect on road safety, due to high levels of spray reducing visibility. This is an area where EnduroShield® for Auto Glass is a clear winner (pun intended). When applied to a vehicle windscreen, the coating forms a water repellent surface that dramatically improves visibility. It is so good that at speeds of 50mph or above it is not even necessary to use windscreen wipers! It also inhibits the build up of ice which during the winter months is an added bonus. In summer it makes the removal of dead insects much easier too.  Last but not least, it will last up to a year/12,000 miles, which at a cost of only £20 has to be good value!

Our Service Pledge

Enduring Solutions helps people to achieve a number of things. We  help them protect their hard earned assets, we help them to be safer on the roads, and we also give them more time to enjoy whatever it is they like to do, whilst at the same time saving them money. What really matters to me most is that we provide a friendly personal service, with attention to detail and quality being of paramount importance. We guarantee that we will leave any room we work on cleaner than when we began work.

FREE Demonstrations

Hopefully you will find all the information you require to appreciate the features and benefits of EnduroShield® within the pages of this website.  However, the old saying seeing is believing still holds true for many people, so if you need further proof, we will happily demonstrate those features and benefits on a small article within your home or business, absolutely FREE!  To book a free demonstration, please use the contact form which can be accessed on the left of each page.