Shower Screens

EnduroShield® for Glass is ideal for reducing the time taken on that job we all hate – cleaning the shower screen!

  • Suitable for new and old glass
  • Once only application
  • Permanent chemical bond with the glass
  • Protects against etching & staining from:
    • Hard water
    • Lime scaling
    • Soap scum
  • Works on all glass including bathroom mirrors


A conservatory represents a major investment for most people: keeping it looking good just got a whole lot easier thanks to EnduroShield® for Glass. It is particularly effective on external glass surfaces, such as the roof panes which are hard to reach without expensive platforms or scaffolding. The rain will wash off the majority of any contaminants, allowing full light into the room.

Glass may look smooth to the naked eye but in reality it has a rough surface that traps the contaminants which can cause discolouration and opacity.

Solar Panels

To work efficiently, solar panels need to be clean, as a build up of dirt will gradually reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the PV cells. As most installations are on roofs, regular cleaning of the panels is not a practical, or cheap option. EnduroShield® for Glass is an ideal solution to this problem, as it prevents the contaminants adhering to the glass, with most being washed off by rain.

Windows and Doors

EnduroShield® for Glass is ideal for all windows and glass doors. It will maintain the look of your home almost effortlessly, leaving surfaces up to 90% easier to clean.

  • Suitable for new or existing surfaces
  • A UV stable coating means it won’t discolour or fade
  • Guards against etching and corrosion from:
    • Sea salt
    • Dirt and other contaminants
  • Makes the removal of fingerprints and graffiti much easier

Stainless Steel

Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces, EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel is the ideal product to protect your stainless steel articles. Cleaning is much easier, and with the added feature of being able to withstand temperatures far in excess of 300°C, it is the ideal solution for ovens and hobs. Harsh chemical cleaners are no longer necessary as finger marks and food residues are easily dealt with using only a microfibre cloth and if necessary a mild detergent.

Commercial kitchens containing large amounts of stainless steel benefit greatly from the application of EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel, leaving busy chefs and cooks with more time to create mouthwatering dishes through up to 90% less time cleaning down at the end of service!

Tiles & Grout

EnduroShield® for Tiles & Grout can be applied to all ceramic, vitrified and porcelain surfaces, such as tiles, toilets and washbasins. The water repellent coating is ideal for tiled shower cubicles and wet rooms, reducing the build up of scum and mould, promoting a healthier environment. What’s more, it actually makes floor tiles safer when wet – by causing water to bead it is much more readily dispersed when walked upon. Suitable for new and old surfaces alike, and comes with a 3 year warranty when professionally applied.

Automotive and Marine Glass

EnduroShield® for Auto Glass can be applied to all windows and mirrors on automotive and marine craft. The water repellent coating forces rain into beads which are then easily swept away – by wipers at low speed and by air flow at higher speeds. This means wipers are used less frequently as clear vision is easily maintained.  An additional benefit is side windows remain clear, which is particularly helpful at junctions during bad weather.  Want some more good news? EnduroShield’s hydrophobic property inhibits the build up of ice too, making removal significantly easier.  Its oleophobic properties mean that dead insects are also far easier to remove.  Due to abrasion by wipers, windscreens and wiped rear screens will need to have the coating topped up annually*: coating on side windows and non-wiped rear screens will last for years.

* Exactly how frequent is dependent on driving style, use of wipers and environmental factors, e.g. salty or dusty territoriesAnnually/12,000 miles is a good rule of thumb.