Time, money and safety!

EnduroShield® goes far beyond simply making cleaning easier. The surfaces of glass, tiles and stainless steel are not as smooth as they appear to the naked eye. Viewed microscopically, they are rough like a ploughed field: this allows contaminants to build up on the surfaces, and over time this can lead to etching, pitting and unsightly “watermarks”.

By following these surface contours, EnduroShield® creates a tough, chemically bonded coating that prevents this build up. Without EnduroShield® on the surfaces, you are faced with regular scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners, particularly in coastal areas or where there are high levels of traffic generated grime. All that is needed for surfaces treated with EnduroShield® is a regular wipe with a microfibre cloth, with an occasional wash with a mild detergent (diluted washing up liquid is ideal) as required.

Less cleaning time and less money spent on expensive and harsh cleaning products allows you more time to enjoy your possessions, whilst saving you cash!

Floor tiles can be dangerously slippery when wet, especially for young children and the elderly. EnduroShield® makes floor tiles much safer: due to the water beading on the surface there is much less risk of slipping.

For external applications such as solar panels and conservatories, it is reassuring to know that EnduroShield® is completely invisible and also UV stable over time, so it will not degrade, and importantly for solar panels it does not absorb sunlight, thereby ensuring that the panels work efficiently. Additionally, by reducing the build up of contaminants, most of which will be washed off by rain, it removes the expense of setting up costly cleaning contracts that require scaffolding etc.

Existing glass surfaces, and all tiles, ceramics, porcelain, granite and stainless steel surfaces1 can be treated to maintain their look and integrity, and 3 year warranties are given.2

Where new glass is treated by professional application, then 10 year warranties are provided.2 To keep that hard earned dream conservatory looking as good as new for years to come then EnduroShield® is the obvious choice!

For vehicle windscreens, a key benefit is safer travel. We all know how stressful it can be peering out of a dirty windscreen at night or in driving rain and motorway spray. With EnduroShield®, driving becomes much safer due to increased visibility even in the harshest weather. At a cost of less than 0.2p per mile, that’s great value for a significantly safer driving experience!
1 For stainless steel applications in marine/salt water or chemical environments the warranty provided is for 1 year
2 Please note that a 1, 3 or 10 year warranty does not imply that the product will stop working after this time. With regular maintenance it will continue to perform for many years.