Enduring Solutions: we are the exclusive EnduroShield® certified applicator covering  Warwickshire and neighbouring areas, and we are proud to provide the following services:-

Vehicle Treatment – From Just £20!

EnduroShield® for AutoGlass has been specially formulated as a premium rain repellent for the windscreens of cars, commercial vehicles and boats. In 2011, Auto Express magazine tested a number of rain repellents, with EnduroShield®for AutoGlass winning the coveted “Best Buy” award, being the only product to receive 5 stars.

Of course it can also be applied to the other windows of a vehicle, making them much easier to clean; and to wing mirrors too, giving much better visibility in all conditions. What’s more it inhibits the build up of ice and snow on your vehicle glass!

Special Offer!  

For all windscreen bookings made in Warwickshire, we are offering 3 coatings for the price of 2,  as long as the vehicles are in the same location and can be coated in a single session.

Full terms and conditions available on request.

Additionally, EnduroShield® can be applied to unlacquered alloy wheels and chrome on classic cars, and stainless steel/chrome fittings on boats.

If you have a motorbike, EnduroShield® also works on most visors and windshields, giving you much improved visibility in all riding conditions. Enduring Solutions is happy to apply treatments ourselves, or work in partnership with car valeters, motor traders and other tradesmen dealing within the auto and boat trades.

We are happy to endorse Safefleet UK Ltd, a leading supplier of travel safety kits and accessories for the safety conscious motorist.

Cover4FleetInsurance have greatly impressed us with their proactive blogging about road safety and other motoring topics.

Driving instructors are of course particularly safety conscious road users, and we are indebted to JGDrive for embracing EnduroShield and recommending it to their fellow instructors, as well as the good people at The Tyre Company.  They like us are keen to support other local businesses.

At Enduring Solutions we are proud supporters/promoters of the annual activities associated with Road Safety Week, which in 2015 is 23rd -29th November – please join us!

*See below for more details of our trade partnership scheme.

Showers and Bathrooms


Enduring Solutions can transform your shower or bathroom with a combination of EnduroShield® products.

For your shower we can treat the shower screen with EnduroShield® for Glass, whilst the tiles, toilet, washbasin and bidet in a bathroom can also be treated with EnduroShield® for Tiles & Grout.Mirrors will benefit from the application of EnduroShield® for Glass, and to finish things off, taps and other stainless steel or chrome fittings can be treated with EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel.If you have tiled floors, the good news is EnduroShield® makes them safer when wet by making the water easier to disperse.All EnduroShield® products have two things in common: they protect to keep surfaces looking good as new, whilst making cleaning up to 90% easier!
Enduring Solutions is also happy to work with shower and bathroom installers to provide treatment to surfaces prior to installation, giving the customer an added benefit from their new investment.We have recently become aware of and are happy to support Non Slip Bath as co-conspirators in helping to make bathrooms safer and cleaner environments!* See below for more details of our trade partnership scheme.

Solar Panels

Enduring Solutions is happy to work in partnership with Solar Panel installation companies to provide an additional benefit for their customers. The majority of installations are in difficult to reach positions, therefore regular cleaning would be a relatively costly option for the customer to contemplate.

Applied prior to installation, EnduroShield® for Glass will work in conjunction with the rain to readily shrug off and prevent an accumulation of dirt and algae etc which might otherwise build up over time to reduce the efficiency of the solar pv panels. This means that expensive and disruptive cleaning programmes are no longer required.

*See below for further details of our trade partnership scheme.

Windows, Doors, Conservatories

Enduring Solutions can supply EnduroShield® for Glass to existing installations dealing directly with the customer, or alternatively we can work with installers to apply the coating prior to installation.

For conservatory roof panes in particular, treatment prior to installation is safer and easier, and removes the need for awkward cleaning operations. As with solar panels, EnduroShield® for Glass works with the rain to help prevent the build up of dirt, moss and algae etc which would otherwise gradually reduce the amount of light coming into the conservatory.

* See below for further details of our trade partnership scheme.



Enduring Solutions can transform a multitude of surfaces in both domestic and commercial kitchens. Tiled floors can benefit from treatment with EnduroShield® for Tiles & Grout; not only does it make them up to 90% easier to keep clean, it helps to make them much safer to walk on. By preventing water from pooling on the tiles (it beads instead), there is a much reduced chance of slipping. Tiled walls and splash-backs will also benefit, making cleaning off those cooking splashes a simple task.

Ovens and other stainless steel appliances will greatly benefit from being treated with EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel. From cleaning off unsightly finger marks on the outside of doors, to removing burnt on food from the inside of ovens,EnduroShield® treated surfaces can be cleaned with just a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth.

EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel can also be use on cooking hobs, ranges and barbecues. In case you are wondering if it will be damaged by the heat, the answer is no!  EnduroShield® products can withstand temperatures well in excess of 300°C!

Many commercial kitchens have lots of stainless steel surfaces for food preparation: treated with EnduroShield® for Stainless Steel, busy chefs and cooks will find cleaning down at the end of service up to 90% easier!

Enduring Solutions are happy to work with kitchen installers and appliance installers to apply EnduroShield® products prior to or immediately after installation, ensuring the customer gains an added benefit from their new purchase.  We continue to receive introductions to such customers by D.Wilson & Sons Ltd, of Wigston, Leicester.  A supplier of high quality kitchens and bathrooms, they share our passion for quality of workmanship and great customer service, and we are both happy to recommend each others services to our customers.

* See below for more details of our trade partnership scheme.

For all above applications, please see our Price List which covers most common ones: if you can’t see what you are looking for then please contact us and we will work out a no-obligation, free quotation.  Please bear in mind that if you book more than two applications to be carried out in the same location at the same time, we will automatically apply a 15% discount.  This is NOT a special offer – you will get it TODAYTOMORROWFOREVER!

EnduroShield® is a premium quality product, and here at Enduring Solutions we take pride in providing premium quality in all our service offerings.  With great attention to detail we ensure that all treatments are carried out effectively, and with a smile!

Cleaning Equipment

To get the best from EnduroShield, you need quality cleaning equipment, in particular microfibre cloths.  We can supply professional grade cloths designed for each specific application, and advise on cleaning techniques.

Trade Partnership Scheme

Dependent on the scale of a proposed application for EnduroShield® products in any given setting, it may prove impractical for Enduring Solutions to carry out all the necessary work. In such cases, Enduring Solutions is happy to enter into a trade partnership with a service provider related to the application. As an example, for application to solar panels, the treatment may be needed on several different sites simultaneously.

To this end, Enduring Solutions can arrange to train the operatives of the installation company, whereby they become certified applicators of EnduroShield® and are able to offer the same manufacturer’s warranties as Enduring Solutions. Additionally, the installer benefits from being able to purchase the EnduroShield® products in bulk quantities at trade prices through Enduring Solutions.

If you are a service provider in any of the above fields and want to know more about our trade partnership scheme, then please get in touch through our contact page.